$249.00 USD

How to Get Access to $50-$150K in Business Funding

This course gives you the who, what, when, where, why and how of business credit.

In addition, it’s not just vendors, creditors, or lenders. I will explain what to do after you get the money!

What's included:

  • Why do we need business credit
    • Definition of business credit
    • How to build it
    • Creative ways to fund
      multiple businesses 
  • Setting Your business foundation 
    • Forming your entity
    • Acquiring the basics
    • Writing yourself a loan
    • "Seasoning" your bank account 
  • How to build in each tier
    • Breaking down the different tiers of business credit
    • How to build in each tier
    • Leveraging personal credit when possible 
  • Business credit cards + lines of credit
    • Best business credit cards to get
    • How to get approved for lines of credit
    • Funding each business separately
  • BONUS MODULE: Personal Credit